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          Multi-function Rolling Work Seat

          Multi-function Rolling Work Seat


          ITEM NO: JKPTS02


          Body & wheel:pp

          Wheel color:black(standard)

          Option:the stainless steel magnetic plate and other color wheel

          Capacity: 200lbs.

          Product size:47.5(L) x 36(W) x 33(H) cm

          N.W.:2.1kgs   G.W.:3.2kgs

          Package size with 1pc in a carton:49x37x34(to assemble the wheels)

                                            49x37x28(to remove the wheels)

          Package size with 6pcs in a carton:49x37x66(to remove the wheels)

          N.W.:12.7kgs   G.W.:13.7kgs


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